Ariel in Footloose Inspired

“My daddy hates me wearing these boots”
-Ariel in Footloose

Tonight I’m going for BBQ at the new Hill Country in Brooklyn, and think it’s only appropriate to dress like a cowgirl or like Ariel in Footloose (note: I will absolutely be the only one in all of Brooklyn that thinks this is a fine idea). The preacher’s daughter/red cowboy boot-wearing/kinda skanky heroine is one of my favorite dancing leading ladies. She’s got spunk, big hair, and nobody looks more natural wearing pink and red on a tractor.

I (proudly) own the red Frye’s below that I bought on eBay years ago, and will definitely dust them off to eat brisket and cornbread in a few hours.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Ariel in Footloose Inspired


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