My Sister's Omaha, NE Wedding

Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope everyone has fun plans which include everything from staying in with a frozen pizza and some $5 champagne to going to a dive bar that has fancy Karaoke. I am doing a combo of both, keeping it low-brow all around.

Anyhow, my sister Marena’s wedding was last weekend and it was fun and perfect with the right amount of booze. Here are a few preview photos, but her actual photos will be monumental and I’ll have those up down the road. I ordered my dress a week before the wedding (yikes!) from J. Crew when they were having their holiday sale. I had a different one from Macy’s, but I realized it was uncomfortable with all the strapless wire business. The new one is gorgeous, timeless, and I’m sure I’ll find another place to wear it or will give a lil’ chop and make it super short. Marena’s only requirement was long and navy, no cotton. She had twelve bridesmaids and everyone looked like a put-together bridal team but not too matchy. Here are some of the moments I was able to capture. Enjoy and have a great NYE!
Marena channeling The Duchess of Cambridge for her rehearsal dinner. I'm wearing what I think Miley would wear to church, covered up pleather.
Relaxing because we aren't the ones getting married the next day.
Marena wearing: faux fur from the Kardashian Sear's collection, jean shirt ("jirt), Lululemon leggings, and white faux Uggs (not shown). There is no 'where to buy' because this is a one-day only kind of outfit.

After the ceremony in my bridesmaid best. Dress is from J. Crew.
Chatting with my sisters taking pre-wedding photos.

Pretending to drink Miller Lite on the party bus.
My sister at her happiest with her PJ's and her dog, Jerry.


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