Honorable Mentions

Last week’s Honorable Mentions goes out to everything holiday related. Shawn and I hosted a holiday party that helped clear out our bar cart, shopped for last-minute gifts, and had some of our own holiday “cheer” that included hipster donuts and wine. Tomorrow we go to Omaha for my sister’s wedding and will report back with pictures and how my speech went over. Merry Christmas everyone!
Our festive table at our holiday party
My slightly-ridiculous-for-a-holiday-party non-festive boho chic outfit I wore to the party. Romper from Forever 21.

Getting hipster tipsy on a Sunday afternoon
Doughnuts from Dough. We got Five. FIVE.
Christmas tree shopping is the best kind of holiday shopping.

Picking out the perfect carbs at Stinky Brooklyn.
A tastefully decorated non-brownstone in Carroll Gardens

I love this holiday card, elves need to have fun too.


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