Friday, January 13, 2017


reading // The Nix by Nathan Hill, I'm halfway finished and it's sooooo good

coveting // this amazing sequin + hot pink dress from Topshop, it screams "lets go for dirty martini's and dirty dancing"

snacking on // these Navitas Naturals superfood snacks with cacao (ie chocolate) they are healthy and filling and I feel 1,000 times better after eating these vs. Skittles

watching // Search Party on TBS - I got Shawn to watch this with me! It's mystery mixed with Brooklyn mixed with hipster jokes mixed with Maebe from Arrested Development

wearing // this new Bauble Bar bib necklace my sister got me for Christmas - it pairs well with my super-casual mom shirts for a night out

shopping for // the perfect chestnut-colored boots, especially if they are over-the-knee like these from Stuart Weitzman 

applying // Drunk Elephant skincare, as a suggestion from a girlfriend. They've taken out all the bad stuff (parabens, sulfates) and kept the stuff that makes your skin glowy (vitamin C, glycolic  + ferulic acid) - and the packaging is awesome!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Red Boots x 2

I always knew I would be "that mom" who wears matching mom/daughter outfits. I bought us a few matching dresses before Juliette was even born! I understand that walking around Brooklyn in exactly the same outfit is something I would totally love, but it would be a little nuts. I prefer (and it's easier) to buy her stuff that looks like some of my more "out there' pieces. We have matching denim jumpsuits, white sherpa coats, and now red Frye boots (hers were a gift from my sister). 
I can't wait to show these to her prom date one day! 
I hope you all have a great weekend - it's snowing in Brooklyn today and I wish Juliette and I had matching Sorel boots!
Taco pit stop!
My Boots // Frye - here and here, Juliette's Boots // here, My jean jacket // Levi's, Purse // Sam Edelman, My Jeans // Asos

Monday, January 2, 2017

Upping our Co-op

Sunday, December 18, 2016

London Photo Diary

Here's the story: Shawn needed to be in London for work (he's a second-tier nerd at Facebook i.e. he's a genius) and so I jumped on his work trip, my parents offered (begged) to take Juliette, and voila - adults-only week in London. 
We were very nervous about Juliette being on another continent, but besides an insane phone bill thanks to lots of Facetime, it was fabulous, fun, and so much easier traveling sans toddler.
We got to eat out! We drank champagne at the Ritz! We went to the hotel gym! We walked around non-children's museums! For any parents reading this, I highly recommend a parents-only trip if you can swing it. 

More Details:
where we stayed // the first three days at the Marylbone Hotel in the Marylbone neighborhood which we loved - the hotel was in a fantastic spot, I could easily walk to shopping, museums, great restos, etc. 

we also stayed // at a VRBO in Notting Hill, which was definitely a bit further from the tourist staples, but we loved our place and kicking around the most quaint neighborhood in the world (in my opinion)

where we ate // seriously everything was delish - a few highlights: Veeraswamy (upscale Indian),  FishWorks (my scallops are pictured above!), The Prince Bonaparte in Notting Hill (our fish & chips spot), Ottolenghi, and The Marylbone London for delish cocktails

don't miss Afternoon Tea // there are probably 100 places you could go that would be great - but we went for a pricey but pretty in pink option with Sketch. They had live Christmas carols, a beautiful interior, crazy egg-shaped bathrooms, and all-you-can-eat truffle grilled cheese sandwiches

shop // at the department stores - or at least window shop! I loved walking through Harrod's, Selfridges, and Liberty London

Museums to visit // I seriously visited five, all of which were completely free! I loved looking at the tiara's that are part of the permanent collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the as-real-as-it-gets mummies at the British Museum were incredible and a bit creepy

Happy Travels!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gift Picks for Her (or Me)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Amsterdam Photo Diary

Waiting in line for street-herring...this was hours after getting off the plane so my stomach wasn't ready for it 
We took a ferry (fun!) to NDSM (yes it sounds dirty) which has a huge indoor art exhibit and Juliette got to play pretend circus even though she was a bit too small 
Me and my new biking BFF (Love her leopard coat!) outside a classic canal house

We are lucky LUCKY parents to be able to participate in a successful nanny share with good friends and a great nanny. When we found out our nanny-share friends were spending six weeks in Amsterdam for work, we jumped on board to stay with them a few days - Juliette in tow. It was basically co-parenting all week and we loved it!
We've both been to Amsterdam in the past (my name 'Hollyn' is after Holland!) so Shawn and I felt we could just play-it-by-ear rather than plan every minute.
A few notes and suggestions:
Rent bikes // it was awesome biking around the city, we even biked to and from a boozy dinner (we got a sitter) and everyone made it home okay

Get a sitter // we found one through our AirB&B host and it was fantastic to see Amsterdam at night, with adults-only

Visit the Jordaan Neigh // we loved hanging out in this beautiful area stocked with Instagram-worthy coffee shops and boutiques

Visit the Rijksmuseum // 100% stunning and the cafe there was fab fab fab

Take a canal cruise // we planned our day so that Juliette fell asleep just as we got on the 90-minute boat ride. We brought on a late lunch (the Dutch cheeses are worth every calorie) and had just the loveliest time while Juliette snoozed through the canals

Stock up at Marqt // this is basically a deluxe supermarket chain that had all the best local goodies, I bought maybe twelve bars of delish Dutch chocolate and don't regret it

Plan extra time at local parks // We went to Westerpark twice, they have great restaurants, a petting zoo, and adorable playground, we also biked around and hit the playground at Vondelpark

Shopping Info:
Stroller // Mamas & Pappas Urbo2 // Juliette's Camel Coat // Gap Kids // My sherpa coat // old, similar here // My grey booties // Dolce Vita // My sneakers // old, similar here // my fleece pullover // Abercrombie + Fitch 
Juliette NOT sleeping in her plane bassinet on the way home...ciao!