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Mother's Day Gift Picks

Mother's Day (my 2nd!) is coming up real soon (Sunday May 14th)! I've loved Mother's Day even before I got to enjoy it as a mom. My mom is the world's best (sorry to every person alive with a mom, but it's true) so being really good to her on mother's day was easy and totally necessary. One year we gave her a rolling suitcase and I will always remember it felt like such a great gift for the sheer fact is was all wrapped and HUGE. She loved it.  Obviously my mom got to pick what she wanted to do on Mother's Day and her activity-of-choice was always the same. A tour-de Central Minnesota's best nursery's to shop for flowers. Everyone was invited, but it was always just her and I strolling around buying flowers, with the total cost to remain a secret that I had to "take to my grave".  Last mother's day I got some nice gifts, and hung out at the playground with bagels and my family. For maybe an hour. Then I got a facial and bummed around …

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