Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gift Picks for Her (or Me)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Amsterdam Photo Diary

Waiting in line for street-herring...this was hours after getting off the plane so my stomach wasn't ready for it 
We took a ferry (fun!) to NDSM (yes it sounds dirty) which has a huge indoor art exhibit and Juliette got to play pretend circus even though she was a bit too small 
Me and my new biking BFF (Love her leopard coat!) outside a classic canal house

We are lucky LUCKY parents to be able to participate in a successful nanny share with good friends and a great nanny. When we found out our nanny-share friends were spending six weeks in Amsterdam for work, we jumped on board to stay with them a few days - Juliette in tow. It was basically co-parenting all week and we loved it!
We've both been to Amsterdam in the past (my name 'Hollyn' is after Holland!) so Shawn and I felt we could just play-it-by-ear rather than plan every minute.
A few notes and suggestions:
Rent bikes // it was awesome biking around the city, we even biked to and from a boozy dinner (we got a sitter) and everyone made it home okay

Get a sitter // we found one through our AirB&B host and it was fantastic to see Amsterdam at night, with adults-only

Visit the Jordaan Neigh // we loved hanging out in this beautiful area stocked with Instagram-worthy coffee shops and boutiques

Visit the Rijksmuseum // 100% stunning and the cafe there was fab fab fab

Take a canal cruise // we planned our day so that Juliette fell asleep just as we got on the 90-minute boat ride. We brought on a late lunch (the Dutch cheeses are worth every calorie) and had just the loveliest time while Juliette snoozed through the canals

Stock up at Marqt // this is basically a deluxe supermarket chain that had all the best local goodies, I bought maybe twelve bars of delish Dutch chocolate and don't regret it

Plan extra time at local parks // We went to Westerpark twice, they have great restaurants, a petting zoo, and adorable playground, we also biked around and hit the playground at Vondelpark

Shopping Info:
Stroller // Mamas & Pappas Urbo2 // Juliette's Camel Coat // Gap Kids // My sherpa coat // old, similar here // My grey booties // Dolce Vita // My sneakers // old, similar here // my fleece pullover // Abercrombie + Fitch 
Juliette NOT sleeping in her plane bassinet on the way home...ciao!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Weekend in the Berkshires

Annual trip to Taft farm for apple cider donuts, dried flowers, pumpkins, and then donuts for the road.

P.S. the farm has a ton of animals, and Juliette called them all "puppies"
Saturday it rained ALL DAY, so a quick Google search led us to the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum which is was fantastic, and more like an indoor gym with scienceish toys than a museum. So perfect. It was also right on the river so we had a mini photo shoot (below). 
We always try to fit in a (short and easy) hike while in the Berkshires, and Monument Mountain isn't too bad, has a great view, and takes a little over an hour. Also there are nice rocks at the top for sitting and snacking while taking in the view :)
Shawn was born in Queens, NY (which comes up when he is trying to look cool) but was raised in the Berkshires. It's about a two and a half-hour drive to his childhood home, so we go up a few times a year and always do the same things while we're there. We go to Crossroads Food Shop for breakfast, take a hike, hit a farm stand, hit the shops around Great Barrington and go to Baba Louie's for greek salad and pizza. Always. 
I love not making a plan, and knowing exactly what I'm eating for dinner and if we do something crazy it's stopping at Kenver's to check out the ski apparel and say "Hola" to Shawn's former Spanish teacher. 
This was another perfectly reliable visit!

Shopping Info:

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Faux Fur in Flatiron

It's that time of the year when you want to wear sweaters and faux furry things, but it still feels summerish so it's hard getting dressed for the day. I love my new fluffy white cardigan from StyleWe, it goes with everything and is a fall item I can wear with something lighter underneath. 
This weekend we are doing all-things-fall in the Berkshires (just like the NYC Housewives!) to see Shawn's dad, eat chili with friends, go on a fall hike, and have Juliette pose with pumpkins. We'll be all sweatered-out and pumpkin-spiced up and you can follow along on Insta here
I hope you all have a fabulous fall weekend!
Faux Fur Cardi // StyleWe, Shoes // Public Desire, Jeans // similar here, Tee // similar here, Sunglasses // Karen Walker

Monday, October 17, 2016

Travel Photo Diary: Austin

We went to the Juice Land down the street every single morning

Trying on my dream cowgirl boots at Allen's Boots
Just part of our meal at Guero's Taco Bar on South Congress...they had outdoor misters to stay cool while eating tacos al fresco!
Our Texas "yard" for the week in our Airbnb
BBQ dream night at Franklin BBQ  - splurge for the fatty brisket and Key Lime pie...I did 
My girlfriend from college started Lovely Ink Calligraphy and did the place card calligraphy!
We decided to fly in a day early and slum it at the Four Seasons Austin! It was fancy and baby-friendly, which is a combo hard-to-find.
I met one of my now-best friends when I joined a "Brooklyn Mommy Group" group almost two years ago, and we became fast friends bonding over cheeseburgers and pregnancy woes, and became more like family after we both had babies born weeks apart. Our kids have grown up together, and although my friend's son has about 10lbs on Juliette, they get along so well playing rough (wrestling?!) as equals.
My friend had her Austin wedding a few weeks ago, and we took this as an opportunity to take a few extra days and enjoy Austin for the first time! My parents flew in from Minnesota and served as the world's best nannies while Shawn and I got to attend all of the wedding events, go on a few dates, and enjoy lots of "alone" time while my parents were on toddler duty (thank you Mom & Dad)!
We went to the recommended bars, restaurants, shops which I've listed above, and everything here I truly recommend including renting an Airbnb, and staying at the Four Seasons - which sounds like a mess but it really was nice to do both.
P.S. I found out there is one Juiceland location outside of Austin...and it's a 20 minute walk from our place...score!

Shopping Info:
swimsuit // wedding-day lace dress // backless loafers and similar // nude sneakers  // black cold shoulder top // sweater below similar here 
It way totally worth it to get to the airport early and have Juliette walk everywhere - she slept the entire flight home and I finally got to watch Sisters!